Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University


- 2016/06/01

The Arabic Language Program was developed in 1435/1436 as one of the biggest and most important departments at the University College in Adham.



The department intends to attain a sustainable study of Arabic language, the HR development. The aims and objectives include the provision of health, social and physiological care in addition to the enhancement of scientific research skills. Also, it is designated to pose and solve issues facing the Arabic language teaching plus the community problem solving.


Core Values:

  • The department serves the essence of Islam and the Arabic language.
  • It develops a methodology for continuous education.
  • It is committed to attaining a unique Total Quality Management as the foundation for its sustainable development.
  • It pays special attention for the domain of field education as an integral part of the Master of Social Work.
  • It creates a better environment for scientific research.
  • The department endeavors to build skills and potentials of its students in addition to the exploration of talents, taking into consideration being attentive to the people with the special needs.
  • It takes part in working out the correct solution to issues of teaching Arabic language to its speaker and non-speaker students.
  • Also, it focuses on sources of knowledge (Libraries, Internet, and digital libraries).
  • Umm Al-Qura University has leaped to uniqueness when it realized the importance of strategic planing. To that end, it held some colleges tasked with the strategic planning and academic development's plans. Also, it developed an academic strategy in a bid to work out its total quality management and academic accreditation. The university developed education programs and courses taking into consideration the electronic, distance and continuous education services. The College of Education - Female (including its academic departments) accepted the mission with a strong belief in the importance of exposing pros and cons of the process to catch the university's train of strategic development. Determinedly, the college has set a package of strategic plans that include (Academic strategy, scientific research strategy, community service strategy, administrative development, project plans) to cope up with the pace of development under the highest international quality.



  • Performing the duty of serving Islamic studies and Arabic language via a group of academic programs and research courses paying attention to the kingdom's causes.
  • Standardizing outputs according to the international benchmarks.
  • Putting more emphasis on quality in the college's courses, teaching techniques, scientific research and various sources of knowledge.
  • Insuring sustainable professional development for the teaching staff members.
  • Building a database for students and the teaching staff.
  • Bringing the advanced systems of administrations into actuality and developing the administrative structure.
  • Fulfilling the community's needs.
  • Achieving renaissance of the educational institution and systematizing the social work values.