Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Follow-up Unit

- 2022/01/04


To provide new systems, policies, measures and methods to follow-up transactions in a way that contributes in developing the work of the unit and achieves its objectives.


To carry out important and urgent transactions through administrative follow-up with internal entities inside the university or concerned bodies outside the university using technology, electronic communication, and the exchange of information through different modern communication channels.


  1. Quickness in accomplishing transactions in the defined time, according to work interests.
  2. Determination of disadvantages, if any, and finding suitable solutions with regard to carrying out urgent and important transactions.
  3. Improvement and development of the unit's work performance.


  • Following up the transactions that the President of the University or the Director of the General Office ordered to follow up by scheduling them according their priority and their degree of importance, while taking into consideration the required time for every transaction.
  • Following up urgent and important transactions that have been sent to the general office.
  • Making reminding phone calls for matters that require the gathering of information and preparation of reports.
  • Following up review letters sent to the General Office.
  • Improvement and development of follow up programs and systems.
  • Constantly providing the General Director of the Office with the works that were followed up, and the results of the follow-up process.

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