Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Administrative Communication Unit

- 2022/01/04


Facilitating all the technical and administrative tasks and duties undertaken by the unit, following up on all incoming and outgoing transactions, and archiving them in a manner that facilitates following them up and determining how to handle each transaction.


Exporting, importing, and archiving transactions through the use of a well-organized mechanism that facilitates reference to any transaction when needed.


  1. To enable the Administrative Communication Unit affiliated to the University President's Office to show an outstanding performance.
  2. To improve and develop the work performance of the unit on an ongoing basis.


  • Exporting transactions after making sure they have been approved, registered, and photocopied.
  • Receiving all the transaction and correspondence addressed to the University President's Office, and completing all procedures for recording and delivering them to the General Manager of the Office.
  • Following up and distributing all correspondence inside and outside the office.
  • Archiving and retrieving the documents of the University President's Office by using modern technology.
  • Archiving and keeping transactions and correspondence.
  • Referring the files of temporary issues, which have been processed according to the relevant forms, to the relevant authorities.
  • Keeping and archiving the decisions, regulations, and circulars in files.
  • Referring the UQU President's remarks to the Follow-Up Unit after they have been received by the general manager of the office.
  • Receiving transaction requests from the relevant authorities at the university as well as from different units at the General Office. This is in order for the head of the unit to submit them to the General Manager of the Office to give directives in this regard.
  • Referring the transactions to the applying authorities for them to complete the transaction procedures, after the General Manager of the Office approves the application.
  • Keeping and archiving the transactions in order to refer to them when needed.

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