Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Message from Graduate Studies & Scientific Research Vice-Dean

- 2018/02/12

In the Name of Allah; Praise Be to Allah; Peace and Blessings Be upon the Messenger of Allah!


The Vice-Deanship for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research form one of the most significant pillars of work system in Al-Jamoum University College. It is responsible for advancing progress through the development and follow-up of promising graduate studies programs. It also offers a significant opportunity to develop the Saudi individual in the local community by providing him/her with exceptional scientific skills.

In addition to that, the main role of the Vice-Deanship is to encourage scientific research within the College. This is achieved by organized work in research groups, and facilitated access to research scholarships from governmental or non-governmental donor institutions. Moreover, the Vice-Deanship develops databases of the annual scientific production of the College’s staff members, which serves quality reports. This can be added to the services provided by the Vice-Deanship to staff members.

It facilitates the various functional transactions, follows-up procedures for the selection and employment of teaching assistants and lecturers, supervises their scholarship and follows-up their academic affairs.    


We wish that Allah would grant us support, guidance and success!


Dr. Abdullah bin Nasser bin Zuhair Al-Shahry

Vice-Dean of Al-Jamoum University College for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research