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Form for Assessing the Satisfaction of the Institute's Employees

Form for Assessing the Satisfaction of Institute's Employees

 Institute Units    From : - 2018/06/03 م , To : - 2022/06/04 م

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    General Information

     Employee Name

    * Vice-Deanship to which the Employee Belongs

    Satisfaction with Job Performance

    * My qualifications are in line with job tasks.

    * My job gives me an opportunity to highlight my individual skills and abilities.

    * I have enough information (job description) that enables me to carry out my work properly

    * I received encouragement to make use of the optimum methods to perform my work.

    * My work gives me the sense of personal accomplishment

    * I like the type of work I do.

    Satisfaction with Remuneration

    * The salary suits the work I perform.

    * I am satisfied with the salary, when compared with salaries in other establishments

    * There is a clear policy for bonuses and incentives

    * Bonus is paid for innovation and creativity

    * Selection, appointment, and promotion of employees follow methods that depend on efficiency.

    Satisfaction with Administrative Development

    * Innovation and creativity are encouraged within the framework of clear policies and instructions at all levels of the Institute

    * My department's workforce has the knowledge and skills necessary for the achievement of the organizational objectives.

    * The staff with whom I work collaborate to get the work done.

    * The employees are trained and qualified regularly and continuously

    * The employees who offer high-quality products and services get rewarded.

    * The employees are protected from health risks, and safety tools are available to them.

    * I am engaged in making the decisions that affect work.

    * The employees' performance evaluation is revised regularly and continuously.

    Satisfaction with the Style of Leadership

    * My boss fulfills my needs to achieve balance between work and other requirements

    * My boss gives me an opportunity to display my leadership skills

    * Discussions with my manager about my performance is useful

    * My manager provides me with constructive suggestions to improve my job performance.

    * My manager supports the development of the employees' skills.

    * My manager treats me respectfully.

    * The word carried out by my manager is worth appreciation.

    * The department get acquainted with the employees' viewpoints before making decisions.

    * Problems are handled in order to remove their causes, not to find and hold to account the person responsible for them

    * Procedures among the different departments are completed easily and smoothly when transferring transactions.

    * We hope that you clarify you viewpoint about your satisfaction with your job in the University.

    * We hope that you mention the most important suggestions, according to your viewpoints, to increase the employees' satisfaction with the Institute.

     We extend our thanks and appreciation to you for your collaboration with us.

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