Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University


- 2019/04/03

Initiatives of the Institute of Consulting Research and Studies

Umm Al-Qura Consultancy Oasis:

The Institute of Research and Consultation Studies adopted the establishment of Umm Al-Qura Consultancy Oasis to be the knowledge and technical arm of the Umm Al-Qura University that aims at building knowledge economy and sustainable development. With the Kingdom Vision 2030, the Institute accredited its new vision as a leading institute that cares about producing, transmitting and relocating the knowledges and technologies to achieve the Kingdom’s goals of sustainable development for building developed knowledge economy and society that is capable of fulfilling its mission and competing globally.

The UQU has made significant strides in the leading transformation path and became on top of the Kingdom’s universities in fostering the leading universities model. We hope that our university would be of the best 200 universities all over the world by 1452H - 2030, which is one of the Kingdom Vision’s strategic goals 2030.

The Center for Safety, Risk and Crisis Management (SAFE):

The Center for Safety, Risk and Crisis Management (SAFE) started as an initiative approved by the Ministry of Education, as a part of the winning national transformation initiatives 2020. It was granted the highest stake from human and financial resources of all the nine initiatives won by the UQU.

The strategy of the center was designed based on a comprehensive study that researched in the reality of safety in Saudi Arabia and Gulf Countries, legislative entities in KSA, computer softwares and technologies in SAFE’s work domain, analysis for the Saudi market, the best practices in the similar global centers, global trends in the fields of safety and security, and others. The elements of the strategic plan were discussed over a number of meetings and workshops.

The center is delivering its message through offering the specialized expertise in providing consultations and training in the field of safety systems in the industrial, construction and general projects, in addition to the industrial security, planing, and dealing with risks, disasters and crises.  It also does parallel work to prepare and present a number of programs, courses and advisory services. This includes specialized programs in developing and raising the efficiency of safety and security systems and implementing quality standards. This is in addition to offering training courses on occupational safety and health in the engineering projects; consultancies and training services in the domains of preventive security and occupational safety; loss prevention in vital institutions; consultancies and training services in industrial security systems and public safety; disaster and crisis recovery planning; training courses in advanced technologies of occupational safety and security; as well as risk examination, classification and analysis.Moreover, SAFE provides consultation and training services in the international standards in planing and occupational safety and security policy making.

The Training and Continuing Medical Education Unit

The Training and Continuing Medical Education Unit represents one of the strategic initiatives of the Institute of Research and Consultation Studies that serves Kingdom Vision 2030. The vision focuses on three aspects, which are the comprehensive sustainable development pillars. Chiefly among the said aspects is the social aspect, which focuses on building a vital society of  with deeply-rooted values.

The establishment of this kind of societies requires attributing and empowering two systems, the first is The health care system and the second is the social care system. The happiness of the citizens and residents comes on top of the Kingdom Vision’s priorities. This happiness will not be complete without their sound physical, psychological and social health. The importance of this unit is in training and developing the cadres to be able to improve the level and quality of the health services and building effective and creative health system that works in line with the Kingdom strategy, vision and mission.

Faran Center for Rehabilitation and Hospitalization:

The idea of Faran Center started as an initiative to establish and operate the Rehabilitation and Hospitalization Center to be the first building block in an ambitious project to build and develop an integrated city for the medical rehabilitation, and especially for people with physical disabilities inn Makkah beside the Holy Mosque as a global investment initiative, with a new creative concept that would benefit from the great status of Makkah in the hearts of the Muslims around the world and for its positive impact on the mental and spiritual state of the patients and their families, which will help them and raise their morale to pass the rehabilitation therapeutic program successfully and strongly.

The center aspires to offering a new global concept for the medical rehabilitation process that combines between using and following the modernest rehabilitation therapeutic means and concepts, and the religious side that is represented in the unique location of the center beside the Holy Mosque and the holy areas in Makkah.

The center will provide financial resources to increase the national income, pursuant to the Saudi vision 2030, through attracting millions of Muslims around the world to get therapy in a spiritual atmosphere, which will be reflected positively on the effectiveness and outputs of the rehabilitation therapeutic process. Through offering comprehensive rehabilitation services, this project will give the opportunity to the Saudi and resident patients to change their path from receiving the rehabilitation treatment from outside the country to inside it. That will lead to reducing the external spending rates and returning these wasted funds to the country to strengthen the national economy.