Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

College Library

- 2017/03/15

Library Objectives:

  • Support the educational process to reach aspired level, as the educational workflow suffers from clear disorder in absence of a library.
  • Ensure availability of research, reading and knowledge for all staff and provide largest possible number of scientific references where there is a great deal of books and magazines in different specializations of law.
  • Raise cultural level of the staff, whether faculty members, teachers, staff and students.
  •  Provide a suitable and proper place for students to spend their leisure time.
  • Provide borrowing services to all staff to help optimum utilization of books available at the library, especially, those rare ones.

Library Services:

The college library is pleased to provide several services to the staff, including without limitation:

  • Search for books.
  • Internal and external borrowing.
  • Reading and knowledge
  • Studying.
  • Possibility of organizing lectures at the library for trainees with coordination with the librarian.
  • Provide different scientific and cultural magazines.

Journals & Magazines:

The library provides a large number of specialized, scientific and cultural periodic journals and magazines.