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Organizing an Event on ‘World Diabetes Day’ in Collaboration with Al-Leith Health Center

World Diabetes Day
Added on - 2019/11/14  |  اخر تعديل - 2019/11/14

The Arabic Language Department at Al-Leith University College, in collaboration with Al-Leith Health Center, organized an event for the "World Diabetes Day", corresponding to 14th of November every year.

The event included an awareness-raising lecture on diabetes: its definition and causes, its symptoms, and the methods of treatment and prevention. The lecture was presented by the physician of Al-Leith Health Center, Dr. Hamza Babiker. This was followed by a diabetes test and a flu vaccination, with the participation of nurse Faraj Atiyyah Al-Hartumi, nurse Fahima Muhammad Abu Muslim, and the paramedic Abdullah Atiyyah ِAl-Zahrani.

The whole event was supervised by the Head of the Arabic Language Department, Mr. Ahmad Muhammad Bamuharram, along with Dr. Jamal Abu Naaj, Dr. Ahmad Abdul-Maqsoud, and Dr. Adel Ibrahim. About 60 students from the department benefited from the event.

On his part, the Head of the Department of Arabic Language expressed his appreciation and thanks to the Director of Al-Leith Health Center, Mr. Ahmad Al-Barakati, for his cooperation and suggestion to hold such an event. Thanks are also sent to His Excellency the Dean of Al-Leith University College, Dr. Muhammad bin Abdullah Al-Maliki, who played a significant role in facilitating and conducting such activities and events.