Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Editing and Revision Unit

- 2022/01/04


Using an outstanding administrative style in writing letters, correspondences, and texts, with a specific, administrative and official formula.


Maintaining accuracy in selecting words and vocabulary, and using brief words containing all the important details, which contribute to directly communicating the main objective of the text.


  1. Working to achieve full compatibility between the capabilities and skills of the employees in the unit and the proficiency of the editing and administrative correspondences.
  2. Ensuring that non-subjective words and terminologies and slang language are not used.
  3. Observing professional rules in editing and general administration correspondences.


  • Carrying out all work required to be edited, copied, and completed, according to their priority and importance.
  • Putting the work in special folders after editing, to refer to them when needed.
  • Revising all the work that needs to be edited, as per the directives of the office director in this regard.

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