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Publication Rules in the Journal

- 2020/08/03

Guidelines for Authors:

The Editorial's Board of Umm Al-Qura University Journal for Engineering and Architecture receives original research, scientific reviews, and reports that have not been previously published in whole or in part, and have not been submitted for publication to another party. The works submitted are subject to the review of the editorial board, and the judgment of various specialized bodies outside the editorial board. The publishing policy is based on the authenticity of the research and its scientific value.

The research should be sent via the link in Word and PDF format (without the researcher's name). The body of the research must be written with a double space between the lines, and margins not less than 3 cm in each direction. The font used should be Simplified Arabic, size 14, normal for the body of the research, and 16 bold for the main titles. If there is more than one author, a letter of delegation to the responsible researcher along with the names of the participating researchers should be attached.


The sequence of the content shall be as follows:

  • The research title, with the names of the authors and the scientific bodies to which they belong, in addition to the name and address of the researcher.
  • Next, the abstract, followed by the keywords for indexing.
  • The content should be in the following sequence: Introduction, Methodology, Laboratory methods, Materials and Samples, Results, Discussion, Recommendations, References, and Acknowledgments. As for the tables, graphs and photographs, they should be placed according to their sequence in the body of the research.

The Research Title:

The research title must not exceed 20 words, and should be suitable to the content of the research and reflect it, or include the main conclusion (font size 18, bold).


The names of the authors should be written in the following arrangement:

English: First Name ـــــــــــــ First letter of the Middle Name ـــــــــ Surname. With each name, the scientific institution which the person belongs to should be written. The responsible researcher should be mentioned, and a full address for correspondence, including: phone numbers – fax – email. There is no need to mention academic qualifications, it is enough to mention the degree (font size 10, italic)

Research Summary (Abstract):

It should be written in English (approx. 250-300 words). It should contain the aim of the research, what has been performed, what has been accomplished, and the conclusion. Moreover, it should provide a clear idea about the research. If it contains figures, they should be identical to those mentioned in the content of the research, together with the results of statistical processing. No references should be mentioned (please indicate the number of words at the end of the summary, in brackets).

Keywords for Indexing:

It should not exceed ten words, and they should be selected to match the terms issued by the research monitoring bodies.


It should clearly indicate the purposes for conducting the research (the aim), and the research questions and hypotheses, in addition to mentioning the previous relevant studies. The total number of references mentioned in the introduction should not exceed 15 references. Furthermore, results, discussions, or conclusions should not be included in the introduction.

Research and Laboratory Methods, and the Tools Used:

They should be reliable, valid, and adequate to achieve the goal. They should also be scientifically accurate.


Avoid repetition in displaying results, and the literal narration of the numbers in the tables and graphs. The presentation should be clear, coherent, supported, and statistically processed, indicating its relevance to the research aim and questions. It should not repeat the information provided in the tables and graphs.


The analysis of the results should be objective and meaningful in the light of available information (and not a recounting of the results). The results should be linked to previous studies, and they should include the emanating and supported conclusion of the results available in the study.


It is advisable to mention the parties that supported the research, and the persons or entities that the researchers wish to thank for their contribution in one way or another in the research.


The references should be put in the body of the research according to the sequence they are mentioned, and include (name and year), in a font size 14, bold. It is also necessary to write the (title/quote) exactly as the original, and they should be relevant to the subject matter. In addition, a list of all references should be placed in the bibliography at the end of the research paper, in alphabetical order. It should start with the surname of the author, then his given name, address, and finally the volume number and year of publication.


Tables should be placed according to their position in the body of the research, with a size no more than 14×18 cm. The table number should be written below the table with a font size 12, bold, followed by the description (with a font size 12, normal). They should be centered between the margins.

Figures, Photographs, and Graphs:

Their dimensions should not exceed 14 cm in width, and 14 cm in length. The title should be written at the bottom of the image, accurately indicating the content of the image and what it implies without having to return to the body of the research. They should have the same format as the title and description of the tables.

Amendments and Final Review:

The suggested amendments by the judges shall be made as proposed. The final review shall be the responsibility of the author, without making any other amendments besides the proposed amendments. Furthermore, the amendments shall be sent to the editor-in-chief within eight weeks from the date they were sent to the author, or otherwise the work shall be subject to re-evaluation.

Transfer of Copyright:

When the research is accepted for publishing, ownership of the publication is transferred from the author to the journal.


The approved codes, abbreviations, and terms (SI Units) should be used.


All work and inquiries should be sent directly to the editor-in-chief of Umm Al-Qura University Journal for Engineering and Architecture, University Journal, PO Box 715, Umm Al-Qura University, Makkah.


[email protected]  


The materials submitted for publication reflect the views of the author. The authors are responsible for the validity and accuracy of the information, and the conclusions.

All copyrights are reserved for the publisher (UQU). No information or any content may be published, transferred or stored, whether electronically, mechanically, or by photocopying or audio recording, without the prior written consent of the publisher. The information or content may be quoted if reference is made to the source.

Exchange and Dedication:

Applications should be submitted to the Department of Scientific Journals, Umm Al-Qura University.