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Report of Thesis Completion and Printing Permit Request

- 2018/02/01

Report of Thesis Completion and Printing Permit Request


“Article no. 51 of the unified bylaw for graduate studies at universities”:

After the student completes the thesis, the supervisor submits a report about its completion to the head of the department in preparation for continuing the procedures, including the formation of a defense committee.



  1. The student must be within his or her regular study period.
  2. The student must have a GPA of at least (very good).
  3. The student has passed all his or her courses.
    • For the PhD degree, the student must have a research published in a scientific journal, and a copy must be attached to as a proof.


The followed procedure: 

  1. The subject is presented to the board of the department to make the proper decision.
  2. The Deanship of Graduate Studies is informed of the decision of the department’s board.
  3. The name of the supervisor who presented the final report is written on the cover of the thesis, as well as in the reports about its validity and defense. A change of the name later is not possible.
  4.  If passing the specified courses is a requirement for the student, the academic supervisor submits a report to the head of the department about the student's completion of the requirements of his/her program. With the report, the research project is attached as well as the student’s certified grade in order to complete the procedures for awarding the degree.



The printing permit means that the student has completed his or her thesis, and that it is ready for defense.