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The Intellectual Awareness Unit Fights Extremist Ideas with an Art Competition Entitled "Thought and Feather"

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Added on - 2019/10/22  |  اخر تعديل - 2019/10/22

The Intellectual Awareness Unit at Umm Al-Qura University announced the launching of a cultural and artistic competition, in cooperation with the Department of Art Education in the College of Education, aiming to highlight the importance of intellectual awareness by rebutting extremist ideas, and showing the positive aspects of moderation, which is the basis of the true Islamic religion. Ten motivational awards have been assigned for this purpose.

The Head of the Intellectual Awareness Unit, Dr. Muhammad bin Ibrahim Al-Saidi, specified the general conditions of the competition: all contributions should be in harmony with the Islamic principles and values of the Saudi Kingdom, as well as the university goals and objectives; the students' contributions should represent their genuine thought and work; they should be free from plagiarism; they should not have been used in similar competitions, or published or accepted for publication in any scientific journal; the participant should be a regular student in the academic year 1441 A.H. at the diploma, bachelor's, fellowship or postgraduate level.

The Head of the Intellectual Awareness Unit noted that there were special conditions, including compliance with the general condition pertinent to the contributions. Moreover, the dimensions of the paintings are fixed so that rectangular ones do not exceed 100x70 cm, or 70x50 cm, and the square paintings 100x100 cm, or 80x80 cm. It is also required that the work be carried out with material or technology that fits the idea. The paintings should be set (framed) in black.

According to Dr. Al-Saidi, the special conditions include recording the participant's basic information on a printed paper which is pasted well to the back of the work. The information includes (name, university ID number, mobile number, and name of college or department). The entrant should write a theoretical description of the intellectual and cultural background of his contribution, in no more than one page.

He noted that all entries will be examined by specialists. No entries shall be considered without a form, or if the form was submitted after the due date. Submission of the participating contributions to the Deanship of Student Affairs will start on Sunday morning, 27 Rabi` Al-Awwal, 1441 A.H., and continue until Thursday, 1 Rabi` Al-Thani 1441 A.H.