Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University Launches a Unit Concerned with the Graduate Affairs

Today, at his office in Al-Abdiyyah, His Excellency the UQU President, Prof. Abdullah bin Omar Bafail, launched the Graduate Unit on the university website. This took place in the presence of the UQU Vice President for Development and Entrepreneurship, Dr. Hani Ghazi, the Dean for Academic Development and Quality, Dr. Muhammad Thabit, and the vice deans of Academic Development and Quality.

His Excellency the UQU President stressed the keenness of the UQU Administration to keep in contact with its graduates in order to improve its educational outcomes that do not suit the needs of the labor market. Moreover, the unit will provide the training requirements that promote the knowledge and skills which the graduates have gained during their study at the university. He added that the unit will create an information bank for the graduates, their majors, and a mechanism of keeping in contact with them.

Dr. Hani Ghazi pointed out that the Graduate Unit will play a prominent role in developing the academic outcomes, measuring the level of their quality and suitability to the needs of the labor market, and keeping in contact with the graduates. Moreover, it will play an outstanding role in measuring the orientations of the employers, and how satisfied they are about the skills and knowledge which the university graduates have acquired. He added that the unit will create an information bank of the graduates' practical, scientific, professional and communal affairs.

The Vice Dean for Academic Development and the Unit Supervisor, Dr. Saeed Kabrah, pointed out that the unit seeks to find optimal ways to keep the graduates in contact with their university, and to contribute in establishing associations for the graduates and activating communication with them. The unit will also monitor the challenges that encounter the graduates when they join the labor market, and contribute to holding meetings with them. Moreover, it aims to prepare training programs in order to develop the abilities of the new graduates and create efficient personnel that suit the requirements of the labor market.