College of Social Sciences


Founded in: 1404 A.H.


The College of Social Sciences, comprising departments of Humanities within Umm Al-Qura University, was established in 1404 A.H. as part of the development process of the University, some departments and centers of the College of Education were separated from the college and became the kernel of the College of Social Sciences; namely Departments of Geography and English Language and Center of English Language. The new College soon began to grow as the University Council approved establishing new departments and centers, reflecting the constant process of dynamic development in Umm Al-Qura University. New departments included the Department of Information Science (previously known as Department of Libraries and Information Science), Department of Social Work and Department of Islamic Media. The College has an elite teaching staff of highly qualified and experienced professors.

So far, the number of departments has become six listed below as:

  • Department of Geography;
  • Department of English Language;
  • Department of Social Work;
  • Department of Information Science;
  • Department of Islamic Media; and
  • Center of English Language.


Bachelors Degree Requirements:

The Bachelors degree normally takes four years of full-time study (eight semesters), and each department requires successful fulfillment of a certain number of credit hours as follows:

1: Department of Geography (130) credit hours.

2- Department of English Language: (152) credit hours.

3- Department of Social Work: (138) credit hours.

4- Department of Libraries and Information sciences: (137) credit hours.

5. Department of Islamic Media: (171) cedit hours.


Mailing Address:

College of Social Sciences,

Umm Al-Qura University , P.O Box (715) Makkah.

Telephone: (02) 5572444 ; Fax: (02) 5572444