The College of Applied Sciences


Founded in: 1401 A.H.


 Welcome to the College of Applied Sciences; the first scientific college at Umm Al-Qura University. The college was established in 1401 A.H. and includes four departments (Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology). The college departments award Bachelor's and Master's degrees and also the departments of Chemistry and Biology award the Ph.D. degree.

The College of Applied Sciences has taken further steps to enhance its scientific programs and lab as well as research facilities. It now has over 60 laboratories as well as an interactive training center that is concerned with giving students the opportunity to train at governmental sectors and private sector establishments.



Amplifying scientific programs, particularly those dedicated to serve the society as well as introducing new Ph.D. programs to the departments of Mathematics and Physics; and

Starting new departments (e.g. the Department of Environmental Studies) and centers of distinction as well as creating different academic posts of specialization in tandem with a number of international research centers.

So far, the number of departments has become four listed below as:



Mailing Address:

College of Applied Sciences,

Umm Al-Qura University, P.O Box  (715), Makkah.

Telephone: (02) 5563558