College of Domestic Economy


Established in 1399 AH


Domestic economy has now exceeded the typical limits of concentration on some practical skills to also focus on theoretical and practical studies to match the scientific and technological advancements and to link curricula with the needs of the community. To that end, the former Directorate for Girls Education, as represented by the Deputyship of Girls Colleges, established the Department of Domestic Economy in the Girls' College of Education at Makkah, with a view to qualify high-caliber graduates who can address the requirements of the age. The department was inaugurated in 1399/ 1400 AH and it aims at qualifying specialized teachers of the different branches of domestic economy for preparatory and secondary schools.  


Since the objectives of modern domestic economy focus on broadening the horizons of the girl students and on the applicatory aspects, the College of Domestic Economy was established in 1416/ 1417 AH, with the aim of graduating academically qualified and skilful girls who can efficiently fulfill their responsibilities as mothers and specialized teachers.  The objectives also include qualifying graduates for joining the employment market and for participating in small enterprises and productive families. In addition to the Department of Domestic Economy, the college includes the Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences, the Department of Clothes and Textiles, and the Department of Housing and House Management, which awards bachelor's degrees of Education and Domestic Economy.


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Makkah, Al-Mansoor street, behind Al-Mansoor police station, College of Education- department of Domestic Economy, Makkah