College of Teacher Preparation in Al-Qunfudah


Year of Establishment: 1407 AH


The college was established in 1407 AH in the following fields of specialization: (Qur'anic studies, Islamic studies, Arabic language, social studies, mathematics, sciences, artistic education, physical education, computer (newly established). At the end of 1411 AH, the college has awarded the diploma degree (two years after high school) to a total number of 263 graduates and 26 other learners. At the beginning of 1409 AH, the college has developed its study to involve the bachelor's degree in primary education as well as all the abovementioned fields of specialization. The first class of students with the bachelor's degree in primary education was graduated in 1412 AH. Therefore, the number of graduates has reached 129 graduates, including 98 students and 31 learners. Also, the total number of graduates with bachelor's degree till the end of the first semester of 1426\1427 AH reached 2972, including (2650) students and (322) learners. Administrative departments of the college are divided into nine sub-departments; (1) Department of Incoming, (2) Department of Outgoing, (3) Department of Files, (4) Department of Employees, (5) Department of Contract Employees, (6) Department of Nationals, (7) Department of Accounting, (8) Department of Follow-Up, (9) Department of Archives.



 Qualifying the teachers who were awarded the bachelor's degree to teach the courses of primary stages

 Proving graduates with the necessary expertise to make use of them in education management and educational teaching

 Providing adequate numbers of primary school teachers needed by education managements at the Ministry of Education

 Giving graduates teaching skills through field application