Establishment and Development in Lines:

The College of Shari`ah and Islamic Studies is considered as the first university college to be established in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In 1369 AH, the College started. Study was then limited to Shari`ah sciences, Arabic Language, Tawheed (Islamic Theology), Fiqh (Jurisprudence), Tafsir (Quran Interpretation), Hadith (Prophet's Tradition), Rhetoric, Essay, Hadith Methodology, Ordinances, Principles of Tafsir and Principles of Usul Al-Fiqh in 1369 A.H.

     The year 1372 A.H. marked the graduation of the first class comprising fourteen students.  In 1373 A.H., the College, then called the College of Shari`ah and Education, was governed by the Ministry of Education. In 1382 A.H., the College of Education was inaugurated in Mecca. Then the college of Shari`ah restored its former title and comprised three academic departments:

  1. Shari`ah (Islamic Law);
  2. Arabic Language;
  3. Islamic Civilization.

The faculty took serious steps to achieve its noble objectives, which can be summed up in the following points:

  1. Preparing efficient teachers that are qualified at both the academic and the education levels to work in intermediate and secondary stages;
  2. Being an academic center that is able to promote the level of Islamic culture and Shari`ah sciences inside and outside the Kingdom, besides being a center for leading and specialized researches;
  3. Being a centre for training teachers and inspectors authorities in religious sciences; and
  4. Being a centre for postgraduate studies where master's degree and PhD can be awarded (This was executed by virtue of the Royal Decree No. M/11 on Jumada 4, 1388, for approval on the inauguration of the department of Shari`ah postgraduate studies. Then, other departments of postgraduate studies were established on different specializations, such as Arabic language, on 1393/94 A.H, History and Civilization on 1395/96 A.H, Islamic Economics on 1398/99 A.H. and Accounting on 1427/28 A.H.).

On 1388/89 A.H., female students were permitted, for the first time, to join the college by affiliation. On 1391/92 A.H, however, they were allowed to join it as regular students.

At the bachelor's degree level, the College comprised the following academic departments: 

- Department of Shari`ah - Department of Judiciary (1395/96 A.H.)

- Department of Islamic History and Civilization - Islamic Economics (1401/1402 A.H.)

- Branch of Accounting (1405 A.H.) at the Department of Islamic Economics, which became an independent department in 1421 A.H. Thereupon, the number of departments reached eight:

- Department of Shari`ah;

- Department of Judiciary;

- Department of Islamic Economics;

- Department of Accounting;

- Department of Islamic History and Civilization;

- Center of Islamic studies;

- Department of Shari`ah Postgraduate Studies;

- Department of Historical Postgraduate Studies.


It is worth mentioning that the College was affiliated to King Abdulaziz University. Therefore, it established a branch in the Holy Mecca, in Rajab 1391 A.H. Then, the cabinet's resolution No. 96 was issued on 22/6/1401, for establishing Umm Al-Qura University in Mecca. By establishing the College of Da'wa and Usul-ud-Din (Call to Islam and Religion's Fundamentals) and the College of Arabic Language and Literature, the College of Shari'ah and Islamic Studies, under the auspices of Umm Al-Qura University, comprised the following departments and centers:

1- Bachelor's degree; including departments of (Shari`ah, Judiciary, Islamic history and civilization, Islamic Economics and accounting).

2- Postgraduate studies; including Shari`ah postgraduate studies, historical and civilization postgraduate studies, center of Islamic studies and postgraduate studies on accounting (from the first semester of 1427 A.H. for awarding the master's degree in accounting).

In addition, there are the two branches of Shari`ah and Islamic history for the bachelor's degree, as well as the branch of Shari`ah and historical postgraduate studies (1396/97 A.H.) for girls.

Thus, the College developed, its courses differed from those rendered in other universities and its graduates became distinctive. It was a leader in university education as well as in the field of postgraduate studies, as it witnessed the discussion of the first master thesis to be held in the Kingdom on Safar 3, 1392 A.H. On Safar 26, 1398 A.H, the first PhD was discussed in the Kingdom. Of course, this clearly indicates that the College enjoys a high and significant position in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In this brief guide, we are going to review information on the College's deans, deputy chairmen, academic departments and statistics of graduates' numbers in both the bachelor's degree and postgraduate studies, since establishment up to the date of preparing this guide.

Library of the College of Shari`ah and Islamic Studies:

The college library is located in the ground floor, near the main entrance. It features a great number of references and most important books in the fields of religious sciences, history and economics. In addition, it provides students and teaching staff with sources in the aforementioned sciences. It has also more than (12000) volumes, more than (25) periodicals, in addition to a number of references in English, France and Urdu. The library's upper floor houses university theses (master's degree - PhD) ordered by the field of specialization.