The College at a glance

In 1403 A.H. (1983 A.D.), the Universities Supreme Council approved in its first session dated 20.05.1403 A.H., the establishment of the Medical Sciences Department, to be affiliate to the College of Applied Sciences, Umm Al-Qura University, Makkah Al-Mukarramah.

  • The first class was admitted in 1405, consisting of 20 students;
  • The Department became the seed of the College of Medicine and Medical Sciences.
  • In 1406, King Fahd Ibn Abdul Aziz, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques (May Allah have Mercy on him), laid down the cornerstone of the Dormitory of Umm Al-Qura University in Abeddia. The late King made directives to adopt necessary preparations and steps for the establishment of a college for medicine and medical sciences as well as a university hospital for the college students' education and training.  
  • In 1416 A.H. (1995 A.D.), the resolution of the Universities Higher Council on the conversion of "Medical Sciences Department" to the "College of Medicine and Medical Sciences."
  • The first class of female students was admitted to the College of Medicine and Medical Sciences (1419 A.H.).
  • In 1426 A.H., the separation between the Medical Sciences Department and the College of Medicine was approved that the Department became an independent college nominated, "College of Medical Applied Sciences" to encompass eight academic specialties:
    1. Laboratory Medicine Program;
    2. Community Health Sciences Program (Clinical nutrition - Environment health);
    3. Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Program;
    4. Nursing Program;
    5. Health Management Program;
    6. Dentistry and Mouth Health Program;
    7. Radiography Program; and
    8. Clinical Techniques Program.