Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University


- 2018/12/22

Establishment of the Office:

The office was founded by virtue of the Royal Decree no. (44643), dated 15/9/1437 A.H., which laid down the rulings for establishing National Transformation offices in ministries and governmental sectors. These offices have the task of implementing national transformation initiatives. In accordance with the recommendations of the Council of Economic and Development Affairs, they are designated as “Vision Realization Offices”, since they, essentially, work to achieve the Kingdom’s Vision.

Due to the multiplicity of actors within the University engaged in strategic planning, including the Strategic Planning Unit and Vision Initiatives Management Office, it became clear that it was important to unify all these disparate entities into a single integrated system, to which a Strategy Management Office would be added. They would all function under the name of the "Initiatives Management and Vision Realization Office". This was in accordance with the decision of His Excellency, the UQU President, no (4002000112), dated 1/ 1/ 1440 A.H. Such a step came in line with the University’s keenness to improve efficiency, to reduce wastage of resources, to consolidate efforts, to accomplish excellence in performance as well as institutional competence in managing initiatives, and finally to implement the initiatives governance framework within the broader strategy and planning of the University towards achieving the Kingdom’s Vision for 2030


  • Creating a pioneering environment for managing the strategies of the University and achieving the Kingdom’s Vision.


  • Effectively contributing to achieving the Kingdom’s Vision through professional management of initiative and the provision of support for the different University sectors with regard to the strategic planning.


  • Managing the University’s strategic plans, and any initiatives emanating from them.
  • Managing the University’s initiatives that emanate from the programs of the Kingdom’s Vision.
  • Effective participation in managing the initiatives adopted by the various entities, which emanate from the programs that establish the Kingdom’s Vision.
  • Ensuring self-sustainability and self-employment, to keep in line with the Kingdom’s Vision.


  • Adherence to honesty.
  • Demonstrating excellence in the field of specialization.
  • Innovation and creativity in ideas.
  • Uniqueness of the output.
  • Effectiveness in communication.
  • Professionalism and proficiency with regard to performance.
  • Working with a teamwork spirit.