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  •  Vice Dean of University Studies at Al-Mansour campus and the Vice Dean of the College of Designs: 
  •  Vice Dean of Designs College for Educational Affairs: 
  •  Vice Dean of the College of Designs for Development and Entrepreneurship: 
  •  Vice Dean of the College of Designs for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research: 
  •  Vice Dean of the Community College: 
  •  Vice Dean of the Community College for Educational Affairs and Development: 
  •  Head of the Department of Fashion Design: 
  •  Deputy Supervisor of the Internal Design Department: 
  •  Head of the Department of Housing and Home Management: 
  •  Administrative Director of the Headquarters: 
  •  Head of the Public Relations and Media Department: 
  •  Director of the Student Support Unit: 
  •  Assistant Administrative Director of the Community College: 
  •  Assistant Director of the College of Designs: 


  • Official Email :