Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Duties of the Headquarters’ Administration

- 2018/05/22

Duties of the Headquarters’ Administration:

• Forwarding the outgoing and incoming electronically.

• Supervising the check in and out of the employees through the Attendance System (Hadir).

• Preparing the letters of the headquarters’ administration and forwarding them.

• Approving all the vacations and deduction for the employees and sending them electronically. 

• Supervising the financial administration (budget- provisions- investment projects). 

• Fully supervising the headquarters and following up on the work of the female security officers.

• Following up on the maintenance works in the buildings and coordinating with the specialized department in the university by informing them about what is needed in the buildings from maintenance works.

• Supervising the working employees and distributing them over the building’s floors to do the cleaning and following up on them in this.

• Supervising the organization of the meetings being held in the College and preparing for them.