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Questionnaire for Measuring the Satisfaction of the Beneficiaries

 Questionnaire    From : - 2018/08/20 م , To : - 2023/08/01 م

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    Firstly: General Information

    * Gender

    * Employer

    Secondly: Service Requirements

    * 1. Services provided are clear and stated:

    * 2. The transactions are carried out on time with no delay.

    * 3. Procedures of the transaction are characterized by clarity and integrity.

    * 4. The mechanism explaining the service is clear.

    * 5. Information on the services is easily attained.

    * 6. The forms used are clear and simple.

    * 7. Procedures of the service are characterized by simplicity.

    * 8. Services are completed accurately (without errors or delay).

    * 9. Time taken to carry out the service is appropriate.

    Third: Journal's Website and Social Networking Sites

    * 1. It is easy to browse the website of journals and get information.

    * 2. The website includes all the requirements of service delivery.

    * 3. The e-services on the website are easy to use.

    * 4. The suggestions and complaints icon is effective and active.

    * 5. The social networking sites provide easy access to information.

    * 6. There is quick response to enquiries sent via email.

    Fourth: A Speech in Lines

    * Message to the University Journals Office

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