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Work Procedures of the University Scientific Journals Office

- 2019/12/10

Work Procedures

University Journals Office

Original scientific research papers are presented to the University Journals Office. By 'original research' we mean those which have not been previously published by any other body. If this is the case, they are published after being examined and refereed by specialists in the field of research by entities outside the editorial board.

Steps for conducting transactions presented to the University Scientific Journals Office:

A- Procedures related to the researcher:

  • Fill out the online form available on the websites of the university scientific journals, the electronic ticket system, or by accessing the researcher's page on the journal website, if available.
  • Follow up on all procedures related to examination and refereeing through the website.

B- Journals Office procedures:

  • Ensure that the researcher's data and all attachments sent through the system are complete.
  • Forward the ticket to the editor-in-chief of the relevant journal, to referee the research through the electronic ticketing system on the journal's website.
  • Reviewing the research by the editor-in-chief to check on the basic publishing guidelines.
  • The system forwards the research to be initially examined by members of the editorial board or by entities outside the board, according to the research specialty, in order to consider the validity of the research for refereeing, as follows:
  1. If the research fulfills the objective conditions, referees in the research specialty are selected from outside the editorial board.
  2. If the research does not meet the objective conditions, scientific reasons for the lack of validity of the research are provided, and the research is to be returned to the editor-in-chief by the system.
  • The preliminary examiner’s decision is presented to the editorial board to complete the scientific procedures.
  • If the research is valid, it is to be forwarded to the referees electronically through the University Journals Office, after the editor-in-chief directs it through the system.
  • After the research is approved for publishing by at least two referees, the publishing procedures are to be completed.
  • If there are comments by the referees, their comments shall be compiled in a report to be sent to the researcher to make the required corrections.
  • The corrected copy of the research, along with the referees' reports, shall be sent to the relevant board member in the event that the corrections are minor, to ensure that the researcher has entered the required corrections. The board member shall then write their final recommendations and forward them to the editorial staff for the final recommendation. In the event that the corrections are major, the research is to be returned to the referee for re-evaluation; it is then submitted to the relevant member of the commission.
  • The approved research is forwarded by the editor-in-chief to the University Scientific Journals Office to complete formatting, layout, printing, and publishing procedures.
  • The researcher shall be provided with a publication acceptance notification and a copy of their research after the issue has been printed.