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- 2019/03/17

The Deanship of Student Affairs is the department that maintains a direct relationship with students. It is concerned with providing support and overseeing various activities for the students. It contributes to the educational, social, cultural and sport activities development of the student, instilling Islamic principles and values in them. Moreover, the deanship works to provide students with means of comfort and steadiness to help them achieve academic excellence and live by the noble Islamic ethics, under the supervision of qualified specialists in various fields.

Out of UQU leadership's keen interest to facilitate a proper academic atmosphere, it established a number of independent supportive deanships, which provide special services for the student pertaining everything related to study affairs. One of the most important deanships is the Deanship of Student Affairs, which went through various stages until it reached its current form. With a history of over 30 years, it was established and developed in the heart of King AbdulAziz University at Makkah branch from 1391/1392 H, up to 1399/1400 H, and has grown even more under the support of UQU since 1400/1401 H till the present.

Establishment and Development through the Years:

  • Deanship of Student Affairs - King AbdulAziz University, Makkah Branch:

At the beginning of the academic year 1391/1392 H, a decision was issued to affiliate Colleges of Shari'a and Education in Makkah to King AbdulAziz University - Makkah.

The same year witnessed the launching of the Deanship of Student Affairs as a department responsible for overseeing various student summer activities, including the social, cultural and sports activities organized by the students and supported by university officials.

As of the academic year 1394/1395 H, the department was turned into an independent deanship branch. That move was accompanied by establishing a housing department to shoulder the responsibility of providing accommodation for students from outside Makkah.

In 1395/1396 H, the first housing unit for girls was opened in the current headquarters of the Deanship of Undergraduate Studies in Al-Zaher.

In the academic year 1396/1397 H, the branch of the deanship in Makkah included a scholarship unit similar to the one at King AbdulAziz University in Jeddah.

  • Deanship of Student Affairs - UQU:

In the academic year 1400/1401 H, after UQU became an independent university with its own objectives, responsibilities and financial provisions, the Deanship of Student Affairs took a qualitative leap along with the other UQU sectors in order to nurture students, taking into consideration its location in the most sacred spot in the globe, the place of revelation and the home of the Grand Mosque. Tasks and responsibilities are set in the definition of the deanship, as follows: "Deanship of Student Affairs is tasked with providing accommodation for students, and offering them all means of comfort to help them dedicate their time for study. The deanship offers students a housing unit, including a mosque, restaurant, club, library, gym. Besides, nutritious meals are offered at nominal prices. The deanship attaches great attention to student activities to help shape the student's character, in addition to providing them with libraries, magazines, daily newspapers, and organizing symposia, lectures, and cultural events and competitions. That is to be added to developing and nurturing students' hobbies, organizing networking events and field trips to strengthen ties amongst students; help them become more self-reliant; and gain good social habits within the context of Islamic teachings."

In the academic year 1403/1404 H, the Deanship of Student Affairs was moved into a new facility inside the campus instead of a rented building outside the campus, which it used previously. In this year also, the University Council approved the draft of the basic bylaw of the Deanship of Student Affairs.

In the academic year 1417/1418 H, the Deanship of Student Affairs appointed a number of faculty members as vice-deans, as follows:

  1. Vice-Dean of Student Affairs for Housing and Nutrition
  2. Vice-Dean of Student Affairs for Cultural and Social Activities
  3. Vice-Dean of Student Affairs for Student Affairs
  4. Vice-Dean of Student Affairs for Housing and Nutrition - Females Branch
  5. Vice-Dean of Student Affairs for Cultural and Social Activities - Females Branch
  • This was a documentation of the most important administrative and organizational stages of the Deanship of Student Affairs before becoming an independent deanship at King AbdulAziz University branch in Makkah, and until it has become an independent deanship affiliated to UQU. This journey of development and change was accompanied by several achievements on student services and activities level. As a branch of a deanship affiliated to King AbdulAziz University in Makkah, it started with a handful of employees in three sections only. After becoming an independent deanship affiliated to UQU, the Deanship of Student Affairs has grown to more than 23 departments, distributed to the three branches of the deanship in Makkah, Al-Qunfudhah, and Al-Leith. By the end of the first semester of the academic year 1419/1420 H, the number of staff increased to 260 highly-qualified employees, some of whom hold Master's and bachelor degrees, while others hold lower degrees. Staff members are distributed to the various branches of the deanship.

Core Values:

  • Student-centered learning environment
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Partnership for success
  • World-class standards
  • Endless improvement of work 


To provide high-quality services, aiming to care for, train, and qualify the university students for them to be able to contribute to the development of the knowledge-based economy, in line with the Saudi Vision 2030.


- Developing an effective managerial system.

-  Creating an integrated database about students and their needs, and measuring the level of their satisfaction with activities and services provided for them by the deanship.

-  Recruiting, developing and motivating the deanship’s human resources.

- Entering into strategic partnerships with training institutions and experts specialized in building students’ capacities and skills.

Activating the role of the Student Support Center.

- Discovering and honing skills of distinguished students.

- Developing an integrated methodology to improve quality of activities provided for students.

- Developing an integrated methodology to improve quality of services provided for students.

-  Providing promising investment opportunities, and building strategic partnerships with supporting parties to fund the deanship’s activities.