Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Student Guidance and Direction (Girls Section)

- 2018/09/05


Psychology Guidance Unit:

It aims to present specialized psychological programs and consultations for students to help them overcome the problems they face and raise the level of psychological health in accordance with their personalities and capabilities. Additionally, it offers social guidance to students who face the same issues. 

The unit receives consultations on the email
[email protected]


 Social Guidance Unit:

 It aims to offer specialized social programs and consultations as well as guidance courses to students in order to help them overcome the social issues they may face as well as achieve social compatibility and improve their social skills. Moreover, the cases of students applying for financial aids from the Students’ Fund are studied and their procedures are resumed.

The unit receives consultations on the email
[email protected]

  • The unit supervises Nibras Club:

It seeks to engage students in programs and activities as well as activate their role in preventive efforts against smoking and drugs and contribute to reducing their spread, while raising awareness among students of their harm. The Club also aims to encourage students to utilize their free time through educational awareness programs on the harmful effects of smoking and drugs.


Academic Guidance Unit:

It aims to provide programs and training courses that help students raise the level of their academic achievement and reach academic compatibility, as well as communicate with the educational counselors in the academic departments and follow up the work mechanism to discuss and solve the problems students may face.


The unit receives consultations on the email
[email protected]


Vocational Guidance Unit:

It aims to provide programs and training courses that help educate graduate student about the educational and vocational opportunities available to them, and provide them with professional and vocational skills as well as adequate information about the labor market.


  • The Unit supervises Nazaha Cub:

It instills the idea of integrity and combating corruption. It disseminates this culture among students and provides them with awareness and guidance in this area.


Special Care Unit:

A. The Department of the Gifted:

It aims to provide developmental programs and workshops concerned with gifted students. It also aims to develop their abilities, improve their skills and create a suitable environment for developing their talents and shedding light on them within the university community.


  • The department supervises Roshd Club:

It is concerned with students' psychological, intellectual and social well-being, helping them develop their abilities and potential through the experience and skills gained from the activities of the club.


The Vice Deanship also includes the following clubs:

Al-Tawawy (Awareness) Club:

It is a club that is concerned with awareness and building a generation that is capable of developing its own skills and abilities. It instills the principles awareness and cooperation and builds ideas to further develop the concept of “giving”. The club’s main goal is awareness.



Voluntary Work Club:

The club is concerned with volunteer initiatives based on unusual ideas resulting from the efforts of students. The voluntary work may be outside or inside the university, with the goal of spreading the meaning of volunteering and instilling the idea of awareness and giving within the hearts of students as well as promoting teamwork.