Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Student Fund Department

- 2019/03/17


To develop the resources of the student fund in order to ease the difficulties of the students suffering from financial problems, and to support the student activities and services.


  • Providing financial support and social care to solve students' financial problems
  • Contributing to establishment of investment projects, which have benefits to the students fund such as, computer training laboratory and student services centers. etc.
  • Supporting all summer extra-curricular activities overseen by the deanship.

The student fund is supervised by a board of directors chaired by the dean of Student Affairs. All financial transactions are submitted before this board. This board is tasked with setting up the general plan and supervising all financial and administrative aspects, besides taking the necessary decisions in a manner that achieves the social and cultural objectives of the fund:

  • Setting the annual budget to be approved by the president of the university.
  • Receiving subsidies, gifts and donations provided to the fund.
  • Approving cooperative projects and other means necessary to develop the financial resources.
  • Studying annual reports about fund activities and work to measure the progress in realizing its objectives, besides adoptingthecorrectdecisions for solving the obstacles and problems. The Student Fund also studies everything introduced by the chairman of the board of directors.