Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Student Guidance Center Unit

- 2016/11/01


The center is concerned with providing psychological, social and educational counseling, besides designing the guidance programs, assisting the student to discover oneself, benefit from his own capacities to solve his problems and achieve his objectives.

The center also attaches attention to the mental health, self and study compatibility of the students, all this takes place within the context of the Islamic teachings.


Student Guidance Unit aspires to establish itself as a pioneering center working to achieve mental, ethical, social and academic compatibility and advancement of UQU students.


The Unit is dedicated to providing creative and distinctive programs, besides the specialist psychological, social and academic counseling to support UQU students in all aspects of their lives. 


Confidentiality, respect, dedication, excellence, creativity, and teamwork


  • Providing various information sources, including educational CDs, illustrative tools, booklets and brochures pertaining to counseling and guidance services relating to the unit.
  • Providing guidance services to help students achieve academic excellence, besides supporting and boosting academic and social capabilities of UQU students.
  • Providing personal and specialist guidance services for the student suffering from mental or social problems via the direct guidance between the students and the psychologist or the social specialist.Providing group guidance service for a number of students having the same problem.
  • Simplifying integration of students with special abilities by adopting principles of personal independence and social equality.
  • Supporting talented students and providing them with the incentives to work in their communities by setting up their educational programs and mechanisms and following up its implementation, assessment and development.

Center Units:

Psychological Guidance Unit:


To provide specialist psychological and mental guidance services through direct guidance to students, offered by psychologists and social workers in fixed times to reach final solutions that suit student's personality, abilities and circumstances

  1.  Social Guidance Unit


To provide programs and counseling to help students achieve social compatibility by sticking to the ethics and standards of Muslim community and learning skills of successful dealing with others in and out campus.

Academic Educational Guidance Unit


To achieve academic compliance and scientific success, as well as increasing level of academic achievement, overcoming academic problems and preparing students professionally for a successful future career.

  1.  Special Care Unit:

-  Talented Students Section:


-  To give talented students the required care and attention, develop his capacities, hone his skills, and create a proper atmosphere for him to develop his talent and get recognition within university community.

- Section of Students with Special Abilities :


To give the student with special abilities the needed care and support, and ease their integration into the university community by adopting principles of personal independence and social equality, besides studying their problems and solving them.