Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Disciplinary and Student Protection Department

- 2021/08/26

It's one of the departments of the Deanship of Student Affairs that directly reports to the Vice Deanship for Student Support.

The department is divided into two basic units:

Disciplinary Unit:

This unit is tasked with controlling behavior of students violating university rules and regulations by imposing the disciplinary penalties stipulated in the student rights and duties bylaw.

General Objectives:

  • Reforming behavior of students violating university regulations.
  • Spreading culture of discipline on campus.
  • Reviewing and deciding on the complaints and grievances submitted to the disciplinary unit.
  • Maintaining the rights of university staff. 


  • Summoning the violating students through their affiliated colleges and informing them with thedisciplinary decisions taken against them. These decisions shall then be signed by the students.
  • Interrogating the violating students about the violations attributed to them.
  • Bringing the violating students before the student disciplinary committee.
  • Preparing meeting minutes of the disciplinary committee and submitting them to concerned authority for approval.
  • Preparing the disciplinary decisions adopted against students.
  • Receiving and reviewing minutes of the higher committee of disciplinary of female students before submitting them to concerned authority for approval..
  • Studying and responding to the grievances and petitions extended by some students the president of university regarding disciplinary decisions issued against them.
  • Referring students summoned to the disciplinary committee to show up before the Student Guidance Center for receiving guidance and instruction on good conduct.
  • Notifying students about any summons for them by court or police stations and obtaining their signature for acknowledgement.

Student Protection Unit:

This unit is tasked with educating the student on his rights and duties on campus, and how to claim those rights in the event of breaching any of them and provide him with the needed assistance to obtain them as stipulated by the laws and regulations of the university

General Objectives:

  • Promoting mutual respect between students and staff by introducing the rights and duties stipulated in the UQU student rights and duties bylaw.
  • Establishing principles of justice and fairness.
  • Raising the level of awareness amongst university students about their rights and duties by several means, including symposia, and all types of announcements inside the university.
  • Providing proper academic environment that is based positive relations among university staff.


  • Receiving grievances falling within the jurisdiction of the standing committee of students rights;
  • Summoning the students filing grievances though contacting their colleges;

Presenting the students filing grievances to the Student Protection Unit;

  • Preparing minutes of the meeting of the disciplinary committee and submitting them to concerned authority for approval;
  • Preparing the disciplinary decisions;
  •  Summoning the students, informing them with the decisions issued against them and obtaining their signature. 


**University Student Rights and Duties