Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Special Care Unit

- 2016/06/12


General Objectives:

  • Catering for students with special needs by receiving their proposals and requests and passing them over to the officials for action.
  • Offering support and counseling for students with special needs in all fields.
  • Involving students with special needs in the various student activity programs, events and trips.
  • Coordinating with the external parties concerned with students with special needs so as to provide programs, books and whatever serves such special needs students.
  • Coordinating everything related to students with special needs with the academic guidance units at colleges.


The Special Care unit is concerned with providing a number of services for students with special needs, including;

  • Issuing licenses to enter their cars into campus. 
  • Allocating seats for them in the student transportation vehicles.
  • Providing special lavatories for them at all health facilities of the university.
  • Providing special seats and tables for them in the classrooms.
  • Allocating special seating areas for them at colleges, with all requirements such as seats, tables and drinking water.
  • Giving special attention to their study schedules and ensuring classrooms are close to them.
  • Getting them familiar with student clubs, activities venues, and equipping those places with whatever suits their special needs.
  • Inviting them to student meetings and getting their feedback on the quality of services provided
  • Contacting centers and companies concerned with providing services for people with special needs in order to cover all educational requirements of special needs devices, technologies, books, audiovisual materials, etc.
  • Relieving them form all fees of student services, shops rented inside campus, and making agreement with the traders and investors in this regard.
  • Inviting them to participate in the summer centers organized by the university.
  • Helping them get jobs during Hajj season with the companies working in Hajj season and Tawafa organizations.
  • Giving them the priority in the student employment programs .