Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Care Unit for People with Disabilities

- 2020/12/22

General Objectives:

  1. Serving students with disabilities (special needs) by receiving their suggestions and requests, discussing these suggestions with them, and referring them to the responsible officials in order to implement them or fulfill their requests.
  2. Supporting and counseling students with disabilities, and providing them with the necessary guidance in different fields.
  3. Engaging students with disabilities in different student activities, events, and trips.
  4. Coordinating with the external entities concerned with people with disabilities in order to provide different programs, books, and everything that serves this category of students.
  5. Coordinating with the Academic Advising Department at the different colleges in relation to the interests of students with disabilities.


The unit gives great attention to offering a number of services to students with disabilities, including the following:

  1. Issuing entry permits for their vehicles.
  2. Allotting seats for those students in the students' means of transportation.
  3. Allotting toilets for them at different facilities in the buildings of the university.
  4. Allotting seats and tables for them in each classroom.
  5. Allotting lounges for them in each college, provided with different supplies tailored to their needs, such as seats, tables, and drinking water.
  6. Preparing their study schedules, taking into consideration that their classrooms should be close to each other.
  7. Introducing them to student clubs and places for student activities, and tailoring these activities to their needs.
  8. Engaging them in student meetings by inviting them and reviewing their opinions about the quality of the services offered to them.
  9. Communicating with the centers and companies concerned with offering services to people with special needs in order to fulfill all their educational needs, such as devices, software, books, audios, videos, etc.
  10. Giving them an exemption from paying the fees for all the student services and items offered in the rented shops inside the campus, and agreeing with the traders and investors on this matter.
  11. Inviting them to participate in the summer centers held by the university.
  12. Helping them to find jobs during the Hajj season at the entities working during this season as well as the different Tawafa companies.
  13. Giving them precedence in the student recruitment programs.