Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

People with Special Needs Unit

- 2016/11/02



General Objectives:

  1. To serve students with special needs by receiving their suggestions and requests, discuss them and then forwarding them to the officials for activation or provision.
  2. To support and provide necessary guidance for the students with special needs in various fields.
  3. To engage students with special needs in the different students activities, programs, events and students tours.
  4. To coordinate with external authorities interested in people with special needs to provide programs, books and whatever serve this category of students.
  5. To coordinate with academic mentoring units in the colleges in all issues of interest for the students with special needs.


Tasks of the Unit:


People with Special Needs Unit  is concerned with providing a number of services for this category of students including;


  1. Issuing care entry licenses.
  2. Allotting seats for the them in the transportation means of the students;
  3.  Allotting toilets for them at all buildings of the university;
  4. Allotting seats and tables for them in all study halls;
  5. Allotting lounges  for them in all colleges. Such lounges must   fits their needs and include seats, tables and drinking water;
  6. Giving care to their study schedules and taking to consideration the closeness of the classrooms in this regard; 
  7. Introducing the students clubs to them along with the students activities and prepare them in such manner that fits their special needs;
  8. To engage them in the students meetings by inviting them for such meetings and solicit their opinions in the quality of services provided for them;
  9. To communicate with the  centers and companies relevant with providing services for people with special needs to provide all their educational requirements in this regards including; equipment, books, technologies, audiovisuals and etc..;  
  10. To exempt them from paying fees of all student  services and all purchases from shop services inside the university campus and to make agreement with the traders and investors in this regard;  
  11. To invite them to participate in the summer centers organized by the university;
  12. To help them getting jobs in the Hajj season with the companies working in this season including Tawafa companies; 
  13. Giving them the priority in the self-employment programs.