Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Department of Sports Activities

- 2016/11/02

Department of Sports Activities:

A specialized department in implementing different kinds of sports activities inside the university, and holding competitions in various sports games between the colleges during the first and the second semesters of the academic year, through which the winning teams receive valuable rewards.

In addition, the Department of Sports Activities supervises the participation of the UQU teams in the competitions of the Sports Union for Universities, as the UQU has a number of teams formed from the students of the university whom receive regular trainings with distinguished trainers.


Sports and Leisure Facilities:

The supervision on the sports and leisure facilities affiliated to the Deanship of Students Affairs is one of the main responsibilities of the Department of Sports Activities, as follows:

  1. The Gym:

It includes 2 multi-purpose halls for different games, gymnasiums hall, judo hall, main swimming pool, and main football stadium at the university in which there are a number of attached facilities along with the bleachers.


  1. Recreation Hall:

The Rec Hall is among the facilities of the Activities Building affiliated to the Deanship of Students Affairs located in the middle of the academic hub. It includes a number of billiard, tennis, and badminton tables, play station games, as well as LCDs displaying sports channels.


  1. University Teams:

The University has a number of teams that participate in competitions between universities in many sports games, such as: football, basketball, volleyball, futsal, karate, judo, taekwondo, table tennis, athletics as well as the team of the students with special needs.


UQU qualified students who are interested in joining any of these teams, could visit the Department of Sports Activities at the Deanship of Students Affairs.


Sports Achievements:

The teams of the university have achieved a number of achievements at the level of the competitions of the Sports Union for Universities, the last of which was in the academic year 1436/1437H in which our teams won the first place in the athletics competitions, the second place in the football league between universities, and the judo competition.