Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Department of Cultural Activities

- 2016/11/02

The Department of Cultural Activities is specialized in holding various cultural activities in different fields, along with holding public competitions such as the Memorizers of Two Revelations competition, and the Wealth of Nation competition. In addition, the department supervises the student clubs affiliated to the deanship through which the students practice their different hobbies and interests. The department aims at discovering the talents of the students, refining and supporting them, as well as investing their power of innovation to contribute to creating a generation of youth that believes in work and social responsibility, and capable of developing itself cognitively, behaviorally and emotionally.

The department is located at the building of students’ activities in the middle of the academic hub which is next to the main building of the Deanship of Students Affairs, near the big mosque of the deanship. The Department of Cultural Affairs hosts a number of offices of student clubs, along with the student training hall.

Student Clubs Activities:

The Deanship of Students Affairs hosts a number of student clubs in various fields which meet the different needs and interests of the student community. At the student clubs’ offices, the students practice, in their free time, their hobbies and carryout many cultural, social, art, sports, recreational and volunteering activities and events, as well as hold short and long trips to different places in the KSA.

UQU students can participate in any of the following student clubs through online registration on the website of the deanship:

  1. Judicial Studies and Systems Club
  2. Da’wah and Islamic Theology Club
  3. Shar’iah and Islamic Culture Club
  4. Innovation and Entrepreneurship Club
  5. Social Club
  6. Awareness and Media Club
  7. Cultural Club
  8. Computers Club
  9. Medical Club
  10. Community Sons Club
  11. Scholarships Club
  12. Engineering Club
  13. Scientific Research Club
  14. Scouts Club
  15. Medical Applied Sciences Club
  16. Dentistry Club
  17. Preparatory Year Club
  18. Pharmacy Club
  19. People with Special Needs Club
  20. Arabic Language Club
  21. Social Sciences Club
  22. Theater Club
  23. Integrity Club