Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Department of Cultural Activities

- 2021/03/24

The Department of Cultural Activities is concerned with organizing various cultural activities in different fields besides organizing public competitions, such as the Memorizers of the Two Revelations and the Wealth of the Nation competitions. It also oversees the student clubs affiliated to the deanship in which the students practice their different hobbies. One of the most important objectives of the department is to explore and hone students talents, in addition to investing their innovative energies to contribute to establishing a generation believing in work and social responsibility and possessing the capacity to develop itself behaviorally, cognitively, and emotionally.

The department is located at the students’ activities building in the middle of the academic hub, next to the main building of the deanship of students affairs near the great mosques of the deanship. It includes a number of student club offices and the student training hall.

Activities of Student Clubs:

The Deanship of Students Affairs hosts a number of student clubs in various fields to meet the different needs of the students' community, with its different likes and interests. These clubs have venues for students, in their spare time away from the study halls, to practice their hobbies and carry out their several cultural, social, art, creational sport and volunteering programs and activities. This is to be added to organizing short and long trips to the different regions of the Saudi Kingdom.

The students of the university can join any of these clubs by registering on the deanship's website. The names of these clubs are as follows:

  1. Judicial Studies and Regulations Club,
  2. Student Da`wah Club
  3. Shari`ah and Islamic Culture Club
  4. Innovation and Entrepreneurship Club
  5. Toastmasters Club
  6. Awareness and Media Club
  7. Cultural Club
  8. Computer Club
  9. Nursing Club
  10. Medical Club
  11. Library Friends and Reading Club
  12. International Student Club (Scholarships)
  13. Engineering Club
  14. Scientific Research Club
  15. Boy Scout Club
  16. Applied Medical Sciences Club
  17. Dentistry Club
  18. Joint First Year Club
  19. Pharmacy Club
  20. Public Health Club
  21. Arabic Language Club
  22. Memorizers Club
  23. Theater Club
  24. Nazaha Club
  25. Scientific Club
  26. Cybersecurity Club
  27. Volunteering Club