Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Targeted Research Program

- 2020/01/01

The Targeted Research Program falls under the demand-based programs, and targets issues of national interest in the short and medium term. The program aims to coordinate national efforts to find solutions to pressing issues through research and development

The program’s goals include the following:

  • Providing a portal through which topics (subprograms) are advertised, launched, and completed, with relevant stakeholders.
  • Committing to the highest standards in evaluation and assessment to facilitate the ability of the program to achieve its planned goals for the subprograms.
  • Encouraging top tier research institutes to conduct research on topics that are of immediate importance to the Kingdom.
  • Motivating technological innovation in research institutions.

Fields of the program vary depending on the nature of the problem, and researchers can apply for each field through its portal. As of now, three sub-programs have been launched:

  • Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Corona Virus (MERS-CoV).
  • Red Palm Weevil.
  • Disability Research Grant Program.

Under this program STU-UQU has submitted 5 research proposals in 2017 and 7 proposals in 2018.