Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Message of Science and Technology Unit Director

- 2019/12/31


The Science and Technology Unit at Umm Al-Qura University was established in 2008, to serve as a link between researchers at Umm Al-Qura University and the National Plan for Science, Technology, and Innovation. Since that time, the unit has consistently supported researchers and provided them with all assistance in all stages of the project. We started from holding workshops to introduce various programs, then holding illustrative meetings to help in writing proposals, then conducting the initial evaluation of the proposals, and then sending them to King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology for external evaluation and then in the event of acceptance of the project the unit supports researchers in the payment disbursement and project management. Thanks to Almighty Allah to achieve the following outcomes during the last 12 years

  1. Holding more than 50 workshops, introductory courses and meetings to introduce the programs of the National Plan for Science, Technology, and Innovation.
  2. 110 research projects were accepted in 8 research priority areas, with amounts in excess of 199 million Riyals.
  3. More than 244 scientific papers have been published in international conferences and 220 scientific papers in scientific journals archived in the ISI index until today. 
  4. More than 69 patents have been filed with the US Intellectual Property Office.
  5. The proposal to establish a Technical Innovation Center in Geographical Information Systems GISTIC was accepted with the support of 50 million riyals.
  6. Twelve research laboratories have been established, equipped with the cutting-edge research equipment

In addition, the unit has run the University Research Grants Program and Research Centers (Grants), where more than 160 research proposals have been submitted in 4 sub-programs and recently the unit runs a postdoctoral research fellowship funded by the Ministry of Education.
In conclusion, I extend my sincere thanks to His Excellency the President of the University and the Vice President for Graduate Studies for their continued and generous support for the unit and for researchers who have received research grants. I also extend my thanks and gratitude to the former unit directors His Excellency Dr. Faisal Al-Allaf and His Excellency Dr. Abdul-Rahman Al-Ahdal for their dedication to work and facilitating things for researchers. Finally, I extend my sincere thanks to the employees of the unit for their active participation in managing the work with all professionalism and dedication


Director of Science and Technology Unit

Dr. Emad Abdul-Razzaq Felemban