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Umm Al-Qura University

Introduction to Modified Sharia Program Plan

- 2017/10/12

The UQU Sharia Program of College of Sharia and Islamic Studies is the first Sharia program established in KSA. It's considered the first pioneering experience of academic education across the nation with a rich history of 70 years, spreading Islamic knowledge and sciences.
This program has gone through many development stages to be fitted with academic standards and Saudi society's Islamic identity.
Last updates to the plan were made in 1419 H to fit the requirements back then.
The new update came as a necessity for the program to comply with quality and national qualification standards adopted by our blessed Kingdom.

Nature of Program:
Sharia program is composed of a number of academic courses, totaling 180 hours divided up as follows:

One: Academic specialty requirements: students are to study the different aspects of Islamic Fiqh and its fundamentals, including general rules, rules of evidence and inference and rulings verses hadith in accordance with followed madhhabs (schools).
Two: Basic and supporting requirements for academic concentration, including The Holy Quran and its sciences, hadith science, Aqida, and Arabic language.
Three: University and college requirements, including supporting sciences that contributes to forming a unique character for graduates.

The program comprises 8 levels to grant students a BA degree in Sharia, major Islamic Fiqh and Fundamentals

New Sharia Department Plan:
One: Updating the plan based on the standards of Education Evaluation Commission, which is deemed the authority responsible for high education and training programs quality assurance, evaluation and academic accreditation through executing the second, twenty seventh, and fourteenth recommendations of external reviewers and in line with the following:
•    National Qualification Standards
•    Sharia Criteria Guide
Two: Designing the plan in light of reference comparisons with correspondent external and internal programs; survey of employers in different sectors; and referring to local and international credited arbitrators.
Three: Modifications included:
One: Attaching more attention to the application aspect of courses and contemporary afflictions and developments, and introducing practice hours to scientific research course.
Two: Adding new courses to the old plan (total 72 courses), including:
- Introduction to Regulations
- Computing in Sharia
- Sharia Purposes
- Hadith Derivation
- Arabic Writing
- Islamic Policy
- The Code of Shari'a
- Fiqh of Contemporary Afflictions and Developments
- Argument and Debate
- Theology
- Ideology
3. Renaming Fiqh and Fundamentals syllabi to be compatible with their content e.g. Prayer fiqh, Zakat fiqh, Judgeship fiqh, and Poof fiqh etc. Fiqh Fundamentals: Fundamental introductions, Islamic rulings, capacity, Ijtihad, Contradiction and Preference etc.  
The new Sharia program plan is set to commence at the beginning of the academic year 1438 - 1439 H for freshmen only.
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