Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

About the Department

- 2019/12/31


Objectives of the University Security and Safety Department:

  1. Creating and applying a fully-fledged system for security at the university, and constantly working on developing it.
  2. Coordinating with the authorities concerned with security within and outside the university.
  3. Maintaining public security within the campus.
  4. Keeping order and promoting discipline within the university.
  5. Developing methods and techniques of dealing with the public.
  6. Qualifying the security personnel.
  7. Raising awareness of the members of the university, and familiarizing them with the preventive procedures they can take in the event of emergencies and public disasters.
  8. Studying, advancing and modernizing the security systems in the university buildings and utilities, according to the periodical updates.
  9. Providing a safe environment for all the members of the university: academic staff members, employees, students, and visitors.

Tasks of the University Security and Safe Department

  1. Protecting people and properties within the University, observing order and increasing discipline at the University
  2. Managing all the security processes at the University, working on averting accidents and handling them when taking place and minimizing their losses
  3. Regulating and monitoring the University entries and exits  and its other facilities; and making sure the identity of the people frequenting the University if need be
  4. Guarding  and protecting the buildings for preventing them from getting vandalized or getting their contents stolen,   and taking all security measures guaranteeing their safety and those working in them
  5. Taking out entry warrants for the University, its parking lots and buildings as far as the individuals or vehicles are concerned
  6. Supervising the traffic flow, regulating parks and issuing traffic fines with the rules regulating that observed
  7. Preparing guarding shifts at the University during working days, weekends and official holidays 
  8. Taking part in organizing occasions and event at the University in collaboration with the relevant departments