Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University


- 2017/06/06



Almighty God created human being to worship Him and to reconstruction of the earth in the second place. So, the safety of the Man is the main cause when other, such as his property, comes next by creating a favorable and safe environment that is free of accident and injuries.

Out of this belief, Umm Al-Qura University (UQU) has separated safety from security to establish a standing-alone department for creating a safe and security educational environment.



          Safety First



To create a safe educational environment which is protected by Almighty God from dangers and accidents.



Establish the concept of safety to become one of the priorities of the university employees to maintain the life and property within and outside the university, according to modern scientific programs and mechanisms at all facilities and by all employees. They shall work hard together under one integrated system to create highly-protected learning environment according to preset objectives: 

  1. To maintain the safety of all employees and people who visit the university's campuses through the creation of a safe and risk-immune learning environment.
  2. To maintain safety of buildings, facilities, devices and property.

3. To establish an upgradeable and scalable integrated system of safety operations.

4. To raise level of readiness by activating safety measures and procedures at the university campuses.

5. To create protective measures and mechanism to prevent accidents or to minimize damage.

6. To activate the role of awareness through tours, participation and organization of exhibitions, training and awareness programs to acquaint employees and students with the safety requirements needed for protection in accordance with the basic safety standards.


Duties and responsibilities:


  1. To set all safety plans, studies, training and practical programs including (protection, prevention, control, evacuation).


2- To carry out training and operational plans, studies and programs which have been prepared by competent teams of safety according to international specifications or by other entities in concern.


  1. To monitor implementation of safety measures at all buildings and facilities in the university, especially at laboratories, workshops and work sites.


4- To oversee implementation of safety and prevention measures and to assess commitment of companies and institutions during projects, maintenance or other work inside the university to protect employees and to avoid accidents, injuries and damage.


5- To supervise entities tasked with maintenance of safety devices and fire fighting tools at buildings, facilities and work sites at the university to ensure validity and integrity and that they operate efficiently to meet safety requirements.

6- To activate preventive safety measures and guidelines to raise awareness on instructions of safety and risk protection inside and outside buildings and facilities.

7- To work under the supervision of a senior team of management to develop a strategy and course of work and concerted efforts to be implemented in cooperation with the entity concerned inside and outside the university in order to move to advanced stages according to the relative standards in addition to the development of a mechanism for supervision, guidance and follow-up for the training, qualification and awareness raising.


  1. To make a regular report on safety management