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Survey for Evaluating the Quality of the Service Offered to the Beneficiaries of the University President's Office

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    Evaluation of the quality of the service offered to the beneficiaries of the University President's Office

    * Type of the beneficiary

    Select one of the following options:

    * Type of the service offered to the beneficiary

    * Is the service you requested electronic and can be offered without visiting the office?

    * Place where the service is requested

    * Have you been provided with the service you requested?

    * Method of requesting the service

    In order for us to improve the service, please evaluate the following accurately by giving a score from 1 to 5 according to the scale: 5: Very high, 4: High, 3: Intermediate, 2: Weak, 1: Not applicable.

    * Is it easy to access to the website specified for requesting the service?

    * The availability of the service request forms.

    * The employee’s interaction and response to the request.

    * The employee's competency in his work and his ability to answer any query.

    * The ability to track the transaction automatically (via the website) from the time it is submitted until its completion.

    * Level of your satisfaction with the office and its services.

    * Clarity of the procedures and information required for requesting the service.

    * The availability of a clear system for filing a complaint or grievance due to dissatisfaction with the service.

    * Your level of satisfaction with the employee's reception and treatment with you.

    * Your level of satisfaction with the waiting time (in case of personal attendance) for your turn to come in requesting the service.

    * There are several ways of reporting your dissatisfaction with the level of service provided to you by the University President's Office.

    Please give a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer to the following:

    * Have you been informed of the estimated time for the service to be offered?

    * Has the service been offered after submitting one request?

    * Do you have to repeatedly access the website or come in person in order to receive the service?

     If you have any remarks or suggestions for the office, please indicate in the box below. (The answer is optional.)

    * Were you notified of the request number, or was it sent to you?

    * Was the request returned after it was received because the transaction documents were incomplete?

    * Did you have to return to the University President's Office because the service is not available on the website?

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