Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

General Department of the University President Office

- 2020/10/24

Departments of the University President’s Office

  1. Administrative Communication Unit
  2. Editing and Revision Unit
  3. Secretariat Unit
  4. Follow-up Unit
  5. Supportive Services Unit
  6. Quality Unit

Tasks of the Units

1. Administrative Communication Unit:

  • Receiving incoming and outgoing correspondence and transactions, processing them through registration, directing them to other offices, and archiving them for use in the process of follow-up and documentation.

2. Editing and Revision Unit:

  • Receiving incoming documents, emails and faxes related to the University President, and processing them to be reviewed by the president. This is besides preparing referrals, editing necessary letters, checking all outgoing letters, and following up all administrative and financial affairs of the president's office.

3. Follow-up Unit:

Following up the transactions referred by the University President's Office, preparing periodic follow-up reports on the activities and achievements of the units in the university as well as the observations and recommendations related to the development of the work, and submitting them to the University President.

4. Secretariat Unit:

  • Following up and managing all work related to the University President, in line with the directives of the University President's Office Manager;
  • Following up the directives of the University President regarding the university work, ensuring the flow of work, and forwarding tasks to the relevant bodies to take the necessary actions;
  • Preparing and following up the schedule of all transactions, checking the process of work, and observing performance deficiencies to address and fix them;
  • Liaison with all the relevant bodies, in accordance with the directives of the University President's Office Manager;
  • Keeping and archiving all files pertaining to the work of the office, and presenting them upon request;
  • Editing and printing all letters and correspondence related to the work of the University President’s Office;
  • Receiving and delivering all mail and incoming correspondence related to the UQU President's Office;
  • Receiving, forwarding and sending e-mails related to the office;
  • Carrying out coordination tasks with the authorities inside and outside the university, in their respective fields.

5. Supportive Services Unit:

  • Direct supervision of the workflow, performance and repair of the equipment, provision of inks, supervision of display screens, follow-up of the systems in the office, and implementation of the programs of the office.
  • Organizing the delivery of all incoming and outgoing correspondence to and from the respective authorities, and distributing them inside and outside the university.
  • Directly supervising the University President's Office staff, besides providing the operation, maintenance and cleaning services for the office, and supervising the work.
  • Supervision of the monitoring of offices to ensure they are kept clean and free from waste and garbage. This is besides setting up the signboards in the specified locations, following up the necessary maintenance work, and removing any obstacles in coordination with the relevant company.
  • Providing hospitality service for the University President and his guests;
  • Providing hospitality and reception services for all visitors to the office, and meeting their requests;
  • Providing hospitality for all staff of the office, as per the directives of the University President's Office Manager.
  • Maintaining a safe environment by adopting all necessary precautions to prevent, reduce or avoid any injuries or risks that might affect staff or properties of the office. This is in order to help employees perform their assigned tasks smoothly;
  • Organizing the parking of cars in front of the office;
  • Organizing and directing visitors to the University President's Office;
  • Checking the operation of alarm devices and fire extinguishers, in collaboration with the relevant authorities;
  • Cooperating with service centers and units regarding the needed requirements.

6. Quality Unit:

  • The quality unit is concerned with activating the quality system in all the activities of the office in the light of quality standards, spreading the culture of quality, and proposing plans for continuous improvement of administrative development.