Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Holy Qur’an 302

- 2018/04/05

Holy Qur’an Course (605302)

Name of course: Holy Qur’an

Number of course: 302

Hours of course: Two study units a week

Course subjects:

Students are assigned to memorize the two suras of: Al-Nour and Al-Ahzab, taking into consideration intonation ruls in the two course of: (101 - 201)


 “Proof in Qur’an Intonation” البرهان في تجويد القرآن, by Sheikh: Mohamed Al-Sadiq Qamhawi

Other references:

  • العميد “The Dean”, by Sheikh: Mahmoud Ali Bissa
  •  هداية القاري إلى تجويد كلام الباري “Guiding Readers to Intonation of God's Words”, by Sheikh: Abdulfatah Al-Marsafy.
  • نهاية القول المفيد في علم التجويد “The Summary of Intonation Science”, by Sheikh: Mohamed Makki Nasr.