Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Quran Course 4

- 2018/04/05

Course of the Holy Quran (605401)

Title: The Holy Quran

Number: 401

Hours: Two Units/ Week

Curriculum Topics:

  1. Recitation:

Recitation of the first quarter of the Quran (from Surat Al-Baqarah till the end of Surat Al-Anaam), and abidance by the Tajweed Rules in general.

  1. Difficult Vocabulary of the Quran:

Explanation of the difficult vocabulary in the aforementioned part of the Quran.

Reference: Ghareeb Al-Quran (Difficulty in the Quran) by Ar-Ragheb Al-Asfahany, or Kalemat Al-Quran (Vocabulary of the Quran) by Sheikh/ Hasanein Muhammad Makhlouf.

  1. Tajweed Rules:

Students shall recall and apply all the Tajweed Rules.


Al-Burhan Fi Tajweed Al-Quran (Proof in the Intonation of the Holy Quran) by Sheikh/ Muhammad As-Sadeq Qamhawy.

Other References:

  • Al-Ameed (The Dean) by Sheikh/ Mahmoud Ali Bissah.
  • Hidayat Al-Qary Ila Tajweed Kalam Al-Bary (Reader’s Guide to the Intonation of God’s Speech) by Sheikh/ Abdulfattah Al-Marsify.
  • Nihayat Al-Qawl Al-Mufeed Fi Elm Al-Tajweed (The Best in Tajweed) by Sheikh/ Muhammad Makki Nasr.


  1. Memorization:

Students shall memorize the whole 27th Juzu’ (Chapter) and continue the memorization of the three previous chapters.