Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Graduates Unit

- 2020/09/15

The idea of establishing the graduates unit at Al-Qunfudhah University College stems from the need for closer and continuous communication with the graduates of the college. This unit is one of the main branches that support the college's progress in achieving its objectives by extending bridges of communication between the college and its graduates who work in the private and governmental sectors, as well as those who did not find employment.


The Graduates Unit was established as one of the college's projects.


The unit is interested in following the progress of the graduates of the college and those who are expected to graduate in order to establish a database. Accordingly, decisions can be taken to improve the college's outputs and its academic programs.


  • Communicating between graduates and the college.
  • Establishing a database with information of all the graduates, and keeping them in the college records.
  • Holding an annual day (the Graduate's Day) and inviting the graduates and officials from different institutions, bodies and companies that need to employ the graduates of the college.
  • Contributing to providing the graduates with job opportunities, and making connections with the private sector.
  • Developing the skills of graduates by identifying courses that contribute and help in their employment.

Organizational Structure:

  • Unit Supervisor at the Male Section: Dr. Hakeem Ahmad Uthman Ali.
  • Unit Supervisor at the Female Section: Dr. Jazi Abdullah Abdul-Wahid.
  • Coordinators of the Department of Islamic Studies: Dr. Ahmad Adam Al-Tahir and Dr. Aishah Abdullah Abdul-Wahid.
  • Coordinators of the Mathematics Department: Dr. Sayyid Atiyyah Ahmad and Ms. Hanan Abdullah Al-Hasani.
  • Coordinators of the Physics Department: Dr. Abdul-Salam Muhammad Zhahiri and Dr. Sumayyah Sayyid Farid.
  • Coordinators of the Department of Arabic Language: Mr. Ali Abdu Jabir Al-Shihri and Ms. Fatimah Ibrahim Al-Safsafi.
  • Coordinators of the Department of Chemistry: Dr. Ali Muhammad Al-Wijhani and Ms. Salimah Muhammad Al-Marhabi.
  • Coordinators of the Department of English Language: Dr. Ahmad Muhammad Al-Ghabari and Ms. Huda Muhammad Halawani.
  • Coordinator of the Department of Art Education: Dr. Ibrahim Ezz Al-Qusayri.
  • Coordinator of the Education and Psychology Department: Dr. Muhammad Ahmad Al-Matehami and Ms. Hasnaa Hassan Al-Afifi.
  • Coordinator of the Department of Family Education: Dr. Amani Rifaat Al-Biyali.

Targeted Category:

  • Graduates of the college, in its various departments.
  • Institutions looking for college graduates to employ.

To contact the Supervisor of the Graduates Unit at Al-Qunfudhah University College: