Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Vice Dean

- 2016/05/22

College Vice Deanships

     (S/he responsible for the financial administrative works as well as the labs);



    The college aims at creating an effective administrative and financial system that leads other colleges in the university.



    It supervises the effective development and implementation of administrative and financial operations to create a favorable environment and to diversify resources of investments.



    • ·Improving the financial and administrative services through e-management and the development of all sectors using internationally recognized cutting-edge techniques and best practices.
    • ·Developing the self-financed operations while developing policies and rules to optimize expenses and follow up, manage and audit the process.
    • ·The continuous improvement of human resources in different sectors starting from the recruitment to the training programs provided to cover many fields as well as the assessment of performance
    • ·Keen documentation of operations by developing and upgrading administrative and financial systems.
    • ·Finding out new mechanisms to maintain sustainability of work development.
    • ·Endeavoring for attaining Total Quality Management (TQM)​
    • ·College's council.
    • ·Full coordination between administrative and academic departments of the college