Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

College Vice Dean

- 2019/11/18


Towards an efficient administrative and financial system that contributes in achieving leadership among the colleges of the university.


Supervising the development and execution of financial and administrative processes with high efficiency, which contribute in creating an effective administrative environment and diversifying the sources of investment to promote the college's independent financial resources.


  • Supervising the flow and coordination of administrative work, and seeking to develop them.
  • Fulfilling the needs of the college for accredited posts, in coordination with the departments of the college and the Deanship of Faculty Members and Employee Affairs.
  • Determining the needs of the departments of the college with regard to administrative and technical posts.
  • Determining the needs of the departments of the college for specialized laboratories, apparatuses, and stationary items.
  • Preparing the approximate annual budget for apparatuses, equipment, and chemical materials that the college needs, in coordination with other departments and units of the college.
  • Supervising the execution of internal and external circulations pertaining to administrative aspects.
  • Supervising financial affairs, allocations and their programs, according to the bylaws and regulations.
  • Recommending exceptional, emergency and ordinary leaves for academic staff members and college employees.
  • Supervising the work related to applications of the contracted staff in the college, with regard to the Passport Department (residence cards, visas, and tickets), and the approval of guarantees required from contracted staff members upon travelling.
  • Evaluating the administration director, and following up his evaluation of the employees.
  • Completing the statistics, with regard to administrative aspects, sent to the college, and sending them to the concerned bodies.
  • Participating in constituting administrative development committees, and nominating committee members at the level of the college.
  • Helping the dean in preparing the comprehensive annual report about the activities of all educational, administrative and financial services at the college.
  • Addressing the relevant bodies inside the university, within the jurisdiction of the vice deanship.
  • Issuing internal decisions required for the proper functioning of the vice deanship and its units, in accordance with the bylaws and regulations.
  • Submitting periodical reports to the dean concerning the workflow of the units affiliated to him, as well as the challenges they face and the ways to overcome them.
  • Coordinating the meetings of the College Council with regard their dates, receiving the memos to be submitted to the council from the college departments, supervising the printing of its minutes, and carrying out the decisions according to the bylaws and regulations.
  • Managing the administrative affairs of the college, and acting on behalf of the dean in case of his absence or being assigned by him to do so.
  • Preparing and processing the college's strategic plan.
  • Supervising all that is related to the applications of purchasing, expenditure, purchases, reception and deliverance, according to the regulations and bylaws.
  • Supervising the facilities of the college with the relevant bodies, and developing plans to follow up their maintenance and cleanliness.
  • Supervising communication with concerned bodies to mend and follow up emergency breakdowns that occur in the college.
  • Supervising the distribution of administrative offices, and coordinating matters related to the use of the symposiums halls in a manner that ensures the best use of these halls.
  • Supervising the process of reporting on the attendance of the affiliates of the college and their work leave.
  • Approval of identification certificates for the affiliates of the college other than the academic staff members and their likes, according to the regulations.