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Message from the Deputy Head of the Department

- 2020/03/04

Message from the Deputy Head of the Department of Physics

Prof. Tahani bint Saleh Al-Koridaa

All praise is due to Allah, and we ask for His assistance, guidance and refuge, and peace and blessings be upon whom Allah has sent as a mercy for all mankind, our Prophet Muhammad. To proceed:

The Department of Physics is one of the oldest academic departments at Al-Qunfudhah University College. It includes a distinguished, highly qualified and experienced constellation of academic staff with outstanding research production in all branches of physics. Physics is considered one of the most important sciences known to man. It is the branch of science which studies matter and energy and how they affect each other, and it also explains the nature and behavior of matter.

Learning physics contributes basically to understanding how to make use of many applications used in all fields of modern life. It also helps in explaining many cosmic phenomena.

The duration of study in this specialization is four academic years (eight levels). The first years focus on introductory courses related to the basics of physics, such as general physics; electricity and magnetism; classical mechanics; optics; an overview of the concepts of modern physics; an introduction to mathematics, computing and chemistry. After building a good foundation in the basics of physics, the student starts to study advanced topics, such as quantum mechanics, modern physics, electronics, nuclear physics, and research skills related to physics.

The student who obtains a bachelor's degree in physics can work in different fields, including: teaching in schools in the public and private sectors, academic fields in universities (teaching assistants) or technical fields (laboratory technicians), scientific research centers, and other fields that are in line with the Saudi Vision 2030.

Finally, dear students of the department, you will find in the department website the proper answers for all your inquiries about the services provided by the department. We will be pleased to receive your constructive and purposeful proposals and opinions, which will contribute to the development of the programs and services in achieving the sought-after objectives. I wish you a university life full of academic achievements and success.