Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Academic and Administrative Training Unit

- 2016/06/07

This unit reports to the Vice-Dean for Academic and Administrative Training. Its responsibility is to develop capabilities of the faculty members in areas of quality, accreditation, measurement, assessment, strategic planning and management of training activities.



  • Develop capabilities of the faculty members and administrative leaders in areas of effective self-development.
  • Encourage the faculty members and administrative leaders to embrace effective self-development.
  • Manage training activities by determining training requirements and planning, following up and assessing training activities.
  • Qualify and prepare new faculty members and administrative staff.
  • Develop capabilities and optimize potentials of leaders in academic and administrative units to raise their efficiency and competence.
  •  Set annual executive plan of the unit in coordination with the Strategic Planning Unit and submit such plan to the Deanship for approval.
  • Implement the Unit's annual executive plan upon getting the Deanship's approval for it.