Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Quality Assurance Committee

- 2020/08/17

Duties of the Quality Assurance Committee

  1. Providing the necessary consultation for the application of quality standards.
  2. Reviewing the mission and objectives of the program periodically, and following up the extent to which the department's objectives have been achieved, using the specified performance indicators.
  3. Formulating the plans of academic accreditation and supervising their implementation with the head of the department, through the quality committees.
  4. Supervising the collection and documentation of data related to the performance indicators of the program, on an ongoing basis, in order to fulfill the requirements of academic accreditation.
  5. Following up the preparation of the department's booklets, guidebooks, and introductory bulletins.
  6. Preparing the training plan of the program, and suggesting training programs that raise the capabilities of the department's affiliates in the field of the application of quality standards.
  7. Providing the necessary data and information related to quality and academic accreditation.
  8. Suggesting rules for distributing courses to the department's academic staff and similar staff.
  9. Updating information about the department in the program guidebook and on the website.
  10. Following up feedback on all quality processes.
  11. Supervising the reception of different academic accreditation teams from inside and outside the university who visit the department from time to time.
  12. Preparing the self-study report, holding referential comparisons, and formulating improvement plans.
  13. Preparing and following up the measurement plan for the program outcomes.
  14. Designing, implementing and analyzing questionnaires on performance measurement.
  15. Suggesting mechanisms to stimulate professional and research excellence, as well as competition between the staff members.
  16. Launching quality initiatives to raise the level of quality practices related to the program, and giving attention to the outstanding ideas put forward by the academic staff of the department.