Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Vision, Mission, Objectives and Attributes of Graduates

- 2022/10/23


To pioneer the industrial engineering, the educational process, and the scientific research; and to collaborate with the Saudi industrial and service sectors. 


To effectively contribute to the progress and development of the Saudi society, to meet its technical and administrative needs through enhancing the students’ scientific and practical abilities, and to prepare them for the successful career paths in the industrial engineering field.



  • Provide the studenta high level of knowledge in the field of industrial engineering, and the ability to use the right modern technologies and engineering tools skilfully.
  • Produce industrial engineering leaders who design and improve local processes in industry, business, and government sectors.
  • Encourage research activities and prepare research facilities for substantive research in key areas of the program, which are appropriate to institutional and community needs.
  • Strengthties  of  cooperation  with  the  community  with  the  aim  of  promoting  common interests.
  • Provide  employers  with  technically  qualified  graduates  with  basic  management  and personal skills, the ability to grow professionally and develop their careers.


Graduate Attributes

  • Be able to practice industrial engineering in its major areas.
  • Acquire solid foundation in mathematics, physical sciences and the required technical skills in their onward professional career and their further postgraduate studies.
  •  Develop skills pertinent to industrial engineering problem definition, formulation, design, and analysis.
  •  Equipped with sufficient knowledge and skills in the use of computer tools and can analyze experimental data and to apply it in the design of industrial engineering systems.
  • Be able to apply and practice the industrial engineering knowledge in a professional setting such asethics and safety.
  • Be able to effectively communicate technical and professional information in written, oral, and graphical forms.
  • Develop teamwork and effective communications skills.
  • Be interested, motivated, and capable of pursuing continued life-long learning.