Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Vision, Mission and Objectives

- 2019/10/08


 The Department of Construction Engineering in the College of Engineering in Al-Qunfudha aspires to be an accredited department and gain a reputation and respect all over the Kingdom of Saud Arabia, the gulf countries and the whole world. This will be achieved through its contribution to developing the infrastructure of the Kingdom; depending on the research and education in the bachelor stage; in addition to offering the continuous education for the professional engineers.


Offering a comprehensive quality education to graduate efficient construction engineers, who own the theoretical and practical skills to practice the construction engineering and management with efficiency and competence.


  • Continuous work.
  • Team spirit.
  • Presenting of public interest.
  • Abiding by professional ethics.
  •  Academic freedom and modernization.
  • Justice and equality.


  • Graduating efficient and qualified engineers, armed with knowledge foundations and skills in the field of construction engineering, to plan, design, implement, operate and maintain the various construction projects.
  • Developing the students’ creative thinking and analytical reasoning skills. Practicing the engineering ways to solve problems. Therefore, graduating construction engineers who are able to compete in the job market locally and internationally.
  • Developing the students’ planning, designing, implementing and supervising skills.
  • Coping with the modern developments to conduct scientific and practical researches and studies. Providing training and advising services in the field of construction engineering to serve the society.
  • Exchanging expertise with the related educational and industrial institutions regionally and internationally.