Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University


- 2016/05/11

The Department of Procurements and Tenders is one of the university sectors tasked with ensuring requirements of all university units to help them undertaking their educational, researcanservice tasks and responsibilities, in order to upgrade their performance quality to create proper educational, cultural and social atmosphere for the students in such a manner which meet aspirations of the beneficiaries of the services  offered by the university according to rules and regulations applicable in all government sectors, and in light of the financial decisions and regulations of ensuring the items  through the public tenders or direct provision, in line with the plans and objectives set by the senior management and in collaboration with the national companies and institutions to provide these items at the lowest prices and the best specifications set by the different sectors of the university. The department also contributes to all educational, research, training, service, and social activities shouldered by the university to achieve the higher level of quality in such activities.  



The Department of Procurement and Tenders endeavors to upgrade performance quality of the university  to create proper educational, cultural and social atmosphere for our students, in such a manner which meets aspirations of the beneficiaries of the services offered by the university.



  1. To develop employees capacities to follow-up their tasks.
  2. To identify participation aspects between the officials in the management and in the implementation process.
  3. To define pros and cons appearing during work.
  4. To adopt statutory procedures on the transactions as required by the system.
  5. To define the monitoring and follow up procedures on the tasks assigned to each employees  to ensure their safety.    


Tasks of the Department:

  1. To secure all the requirements of the departments, faculties and branches of the university.  
  2. To communicate relevant companies and establishments to submit their best proposals.  
  3. To coordinate with the different parties in the university to facilitate provision operations.
  4. To follow up the achieved tasks to ensure provisions as requested.
  5. To make regular reports for the achieved tasks and submit them to the competent authorities.